How To Stay Within Your Event Budget

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(content provided in part by Melanie Woodward | Event Planning Blueprint)

Success as a planner is not only based on the amount of money at your disposal. When experiencing event budget constraints this is the time when your creativity and financial planning skills should really shine.

That is why we are so glad that Melanie Woodward graciously permitted us to share these invaluable tips on how to stay on budget with our readers.

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In her article 5 Keys to Staying Within Your Event Budget, she tells us “…it’s important to work with your clients to stay on budget while also planning the event of their dreams.”

The five steps of the plan are:

  1. 1. Research Cost
  2. 2. Create an overall budget amount
  3. 3. Create estimates for each category or type of item required for the event
  4. 4. Do not overlook the small costs
  5. 5. Create a contingency category

 Click here to read the entire article.

Melanie herself is an experienced event planner, sought after guest speaker on radio shows, regular contributor on and Eventbrite UK , and the creator of  Event Planning Blueprint.

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