15 Beautiful DIY Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Planning an Easter or Spring brunch, lunch or dinner and looking for that perfect festive centerpiece for your table? Well instead of paying a small fortune for a store bought piece here are 15 lovely and easy DIY Easter centerpiece ideas for you to choose from. Let your creativity shine!

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1. Golden Easter Vases

Create beautiful little vases when you blow out the insides of eggs and paint them. Create a stunning centerpiece for your Easter dinner table. The small eggs will hold various flowers like baby’s breath and other smaller varieties and you can use individual boiled egg holders to support them or integrate them into other centerpiece ideas.

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Source: DIY & Crafts
2. Easter Egg Centerpiece:

Transform those leftover eggs from the egg hunt into a breathtaking centerpiece for your dining table. Combining baskets of eggs with flowers are always a good idea for Easter centerpieces.

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Source: DIY & Crafts
3. Eggs In A Nest

Adorable eggs in a nest will add an elegant flair to your Easter dinner table. You can use real eggs, plastic ones or wooden ones. Lighter pastel colors are very classic and elegant but  you can also go with bolder and brighter colors. I

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Source: DIY & Crafts
4. Easter In Bloom

This colorful, fun centerpiece will certainly give your dinner table a boost. Add plastic or wooden eggs on dowels and wooden letters to spell out a message to your guests. Inexpensive square vases and the monkey grass should be readily available at your favorite craft store. 

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5. Candy Vase Display

Delicious, colorful and beautiful are 3 words used to describe this wonderful Easter candy centerpiece.  You just need a glass vase and loads of Easter themed candies (e.g. robin eggs, jelly beans and marshmallow Peeps). Add flowers to the top or a nice ribbon to give your individual touch.

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Source: DIY & Crafts

6. Tulips & Peeps Bouquet

Lemon drops and yellow marshmallow Peeps compliment the tulips in this beautiful bouquet. For an additional spark mix and match colors. 

Click here for setup guide – Thelawsofmylife 

Source: DIY & Crafts
7. Watermelon Bunny Basket

Crave your way to this whimsical bunny from your watermelon and then fill it with colorful fruits, melons, jelly beans, , marshmallow Peeps or any other type of Easter candy. This project takes you very little time and will give a fresh, unique look to your dining table. Use fruits and berries to make the bunny’s face.
Source: DIY & Crafts
Source: CountryLiving

11. Marshmallow Barnyard Centerpiece

Marshmallow and other simple grocery items are used to create this colourful, yummy barnyard scene.
Source: CountryLiving | Credit: Andrew Mccaul

12. Peeking Peeps Centerpiece

Little marshmallow Peeps peek out of the glass vase in this version of a marshmallow centerpiece. Feel free to choose any clear glass container that you want. Silk flowers are recommended since you would not want to put water in vase if you are adding the Peeps. Make it really colorful by using marshmallow Peeps of one colour or of a few different colors.

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Source: DIY & Crafts 
13. The New Leaves Of Spring

The leaves of this whimsical Easter /Spring themed centerpiece are made from patterned paper. Simply cut leaf shapes, each about 2½" long, out of paper in assorted patterns and colors. Spray-paint branches white and arrange in a ceramic vase or pitcher. Dab glue on one end of a leaf; attach to a branch. Repeat until you achieve a look you like.
Source: All You Magazine
14. In Full Bloom

Bring the freshness of spring indoors, like these ingenious flowerpot centerpieces.

Click here for setup guide - Flowerpot centerpieces

Source: All You Magazine
15. Light Of The World

Combine jelly beans with a glass hurricane on a plate or pedestal. Center a pillar candle inside it. Fill the surrounding space 1" high with one color of jellybeans, then add a 1" layer of a different color directly on top.
Source: All You Magazine




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