10 Out-Of-The-Box Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Looking for some fresh, new Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for upcoming celebrations? Here are 10 creative scavenger hunt concepts that are sure to make you a hit with the gang! 

Browse and be inspired by these 10 creative ideas compiled especially for you.
1. "Let's Make Words" Scavenger Hunt with Easter Eggs

This is a plastic eggs scavenger hunt with a twist - kids make words by matching up the found letters ... click here for further details.
Source: handsonaswegrow.com
2. Colour Scavenger Hunt with Easter Eggs

Start by writing different colors on slips of paper and putting them into plastic eggs. Then get kids to pick an egg from the bowl and "shout out" the color on the slip of paper ... click here for further details.
Source: SugarAunts.com
3. Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs

Excited about the idea of organising a "Glow In The Dark" Easter Egg Hunt? ... click here for further details on creating the glowing Easter eggs.
Source: Lil' Luna
4. Easter Egg Hunts in the Dark

Here is yet another way to plan a fantastic "In The Dark" Easter Egg Hunt. ... click here for further details.
5. Easter Egg Lunch Hunt

Want to try something totally different? How about filling Easter eggs with all sorts of lunch items. Bite sized lunch items ... click here for further details.
Source: Gluesticks
6. Colour Coded Easter Egg Hunt

Colour code the eggs you hide according to age (e.g. 2 - 4 year olds hunt for blue eggs, the older kids go hunt for red OR the boys hunt for green and the girls hunt for yellow).
Source: Kidspot
7. Create An Easter Treasure Hunt

Replace the "traditional" with a "treasure". Give each child a map. Use pictures for those younger ones unable to read as yet (e.g. cut out a picture of a chair or draw a coffee table to show them where the eggs are). Then, for an added bit of fun hide another map at one of the clues. For those over 8 years of age the map can contain riddles and word clues (e.g. a specific novel on the bookshelf).

Click here for further details
Source: Kidspo
8. Easter Egg Pinata

Instead of a hunt why not create a beautiful Easter themed pinata? The children take turns hitting it with a plastic bat while blindfolded and the one who finally bursts it open wins something special.

Click here for instructions on how to create the perfect egg-shaped pinata
Source: MomMe
9. Easter Bunny Footprints

Make bunny footprints near each hidden Easter egg to give the kids some easy hints as to where the eggs are hidden.

Click here for instructions on how to make the bunny footprints
Source: Kidspot
10. Give Non-Chocolate Prizes

Supply non-chocolate prizes as rewards (e.g. a colouring book or something small that can keep the child occupied over the Easter weekend).

Source: Kidspot


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