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Your support for the Event Suppliers Network has been, well in one word AWESOME!!! So to meet the growing needs of those event organisers who use our directory as well as those who list in the directory we are pleased to announce the following exciting new enhancements.


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1. New domain

First we wanted our URL (or domain name) to reflect a tighter association with our brand name, thus making it easier for people to remember. So global.nexgenmeetingrooms.com IS NOW



2. New look & New Search functionality

It was recognised that the layout and design of the website needed to make it easier to not only find the specific type of listing being looked for but also to enable users to search the directory listings by location.

Now you can begin to browse the directory right from the website’s home page.

And with its tight integration with Google Maps you can select the exact city that you wish to search in as well as utilize the “Near To” feature to find listings within a certain distance from the selected location. (Click here for further details on how to search the directory.)


3. New Categories

In addition to  expanding the number of categories under  the “Vendor” and “Venue” types we have now added “Events” and “Event Technology” to our directory.

Access list of categories from link on this page

This way visitors can keep on top of what’s happening in their city or country as well as the new EventTech available to enhance their corporate and social events.

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4.  Now even easier to add and manage your listing

Adding your venue, vendor, event or event technology listing can be done in six (6) easy steps, starting with signing up for a username and password.

This account will not only allow you to add a listing but also to:

(i) Update the information in your listing at any time day or night, 24 hours a day seven days a week;

(ii) Change the rate plan assigned to your listing at anytime; and

(iii) For paid listings be able to view the analytics (how many times your listing has been viewed, etc.)

View details on setting up an account here.


This new location of our blog will continue to keep you informed of the latest news and trends in the event industry with topics for the DIY planner as well as the professional planner. (To have these updates sent directly to your Inbox we invite you to click here to sign up.)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank  Byron Brathwaite, our Co-Founder and COO, for conceptualizing and taking project lead on our new design. Great work Byron!

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We would really love to get your feedback on our new format and features. Browse our site and in the comments section below give us your feedback.

Happy Eventing!

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