Opening of the Golden Palm Events Centre in St. Lucia

In July 2014 Coco Palm HotelSt. Lucia’s award winning boutique hotel, announced the opening of the Golden Palm Events Centre to cater to the growing demand of meetings and events. 

Located at the AlFiona Plaza in Rodney Heights, the 3,000 square foot Golden Palm conference room caters for a maxium capacity of 200 with catering facilities by KoKo Cabana Bistro.

Golden Palm is the largest of the five conference rooms adding to PalmVille, Kreole, Plantation and Kaiso Conference rooms.


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The opening night was hosted by Coco Resorts Chairman, Michael Chastanet, with the first big event with the Saint Lucia School of Music. “Coco Palm has become the preferred choice for meetings and the conference room has been added to accommodate the growing demand of this market. Our Corporate partners have become an integral part of our business and with our Events Department headed by Mrs Alta King-Destang and her team we have listened to what they need and have provided additional space” said Michael Chastanet.

Events Manager, Mrs King-Destang, noted “We pride ourselves on the service and attention to detail to cater to our clients which has grown year on year. We strive to improve on each event and upgrade our facilities to meet the demands of our growing corporate partners from Saint Lucia, regionally and internationally.

Chef Richardson of KoKo Cabana Bistro and Creole Grill offers a variety of local dishes catering to the groups offering breakfast, coffee breaks, buffet lunches, hors d’ouverts and dinners.

They have created a menu to work with both corporate partners and those planning special gala events which has been increasing year on year.

“Our Sunday buffet with the local steel pan has been a favourite for all our guests since the inception almost 10 years ago” said Chef Richardson Skinner.

To plan your next meeting or special event at Coco Palm click on the following link for contact details: Coco Palm 

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