How Local Search Marketing Gets Event Businesses Found

As children many of us, if not all of us, played “hide and seek”. The objective here was clear. One had to find the best hiding place in the “world” to make it impossible for the seeker to find you. If they did not find you then you WON!

Unfortunately so many businesses treat the internet in the same way – unintentionally of course. They have a presence in the online marketplace (with their website, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc.) yet it is still difficult for prospective clients to find them when performing local searches. And unlike in the game of “hide and seek” when you are not found your business LOSES. 


How to get found on the internet

In a recent survey it was identified that US consumers are selecting local businesses, and that they use them more than national chains. More importantly “local businesses accounted for 56% of total business use over the last 12 months.”

Even though these numbers are from the US marketplace all indicators reflect that this is a pattern of consumer behaviour in all markets whether in Canada, UK, Europe, Caribbean, etc.

So the question is as event venues, planners and suppliers “Are You Being Found Online?” If not you are leaving business on the table which should be rightfully yours.

Local search marketing is proving essential to getting found in the crowded online space.When consumers search for local products and services, the results are essentially saying to them “HERE I AM!”

If you are not satisfied that you are effectively being found by prospects in your target market(s) take action today! Identify those resources that can help. (For help in finding internet marketing specialists in your area reach out to us.)

Once you are on your way to being found more often and creating delighted customers they can turn into returning customers…and the icing on the cake…they will tell their friends, family and neighbours about you too!

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