How To Write A Review On ESN


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To write a review for a business in the Caribbean click here

For listings in Canada, USA and all other destinations

  1. Use the search tool below to locate the business page of a venue, hotel, restaurant, event vendor or event technology provider listed in the ESN directories.
  2. Once found click on their “Reviews” tab and write a review.

NOTE: Restaurants and hotels appear under the category “Venues“.


Alicia Roachford Brathwaite
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Alicia Roachford Brathwaite

Co-Owner & Head of Business Development at Brafford Media & Technologies Group Inc.
Alicia is a highly experienced sales, marketing, business development and information technology consultant.

She is also Co-Founder of Brafford Events as well as Editor & Blogger of the Event Suppliers Network and Caribbean Event Suppliers Network.

Alicia currently works closely with clients from the event and hospitality industries assisting them in the areas of marketing and business technology.
Alicia Roachford Brathwaite
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