Over 10 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas I found on Pinterest

Growing up in the Caribbean I did not hear a lot about St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. However, as time passed, and the world became truly a “global village”, island restaurants and hotels promoted more “St. Patty’s Day” themed events. Now living in Canada, I am surrounded and truly fascinated by food, drink, decor and types… Read more »

5 Trinidad and Tobago Conference and Meeting Venues

Widely know as the birthplace of the steelpan and calypso, Trinidad and Tobago is a tropical piece of paradise that oozes cultural excitement. Having hosted many Caribbean and international CEOs and heads of state, including President Barack Obama at  for the Fifth Summit of the Americas in 2009, this makes this twin island state a great backdrop… Read more »

[FREE Download] Beautiful Event Planning Themed Desktop Wallpaper for 2017

My personal mantra for 2017 is to “Be Better Organised” and in the spirit of this year long quest I selected some of my favourite event themed photos to create twelve (12) desktop wallpaper images for my laptop. Each one includes a month of the year so that I not only have a quick calendar resource… Read more »